Factors That Effect Foundations

Evidence of moisture problem at foundation wall

Understanding the risks to your foundation can help you take steps to minimize or reduce threats and recognize when you need to look into foundation repair or waterproofing to correct an ongoing problem.

Common Problems

Here are a few of the more common factors that can lead to larger problems later on:

Foundation Restoration Service - Drainage
When the drainage on your property is poor or inadequate, water can pool around your foundation. This can lead to deterioration over time.
Foundation Restoration Service - Soil
If the soil on which your property rest was not properly compacted prior to construction or undergoes changes due to droughts or rainfall, any shifts will take your foundation along for the ride. This causes settling, shifting, and other damage.
Tree Roots
Foundation Restoration Service - Tree roots
It is possible that while looking for water tree roots may burrow through the concrete of your foundation. Over time these roots weaken the foundation and make it more susceptible to water, which causes further damage.

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