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Basement waterproofing is a very economical solution that has been used in hundreds of homes for over 30 years. Many of todays basement waterproofing systems are interior because this tends to be the best method available.


We offer several methods of interior waterproofing for your basement or crawl space:

Interior Tile System
Foundation Restoration Service - Interior Waterproofing
A tile system installed under the basement floor and provides the best interior method available.

Exterior Tile System
Foundation Restoration Service - Exterior Waterproofing
These systems are highly recommended for foundations that are deteriorating and where the interior systems will not function. The exterior process is much more intense but provides a sound permanent solution.

Factors that determine the extent of your water damage depend on the type of foundation you have. Residential or commercial properties vary in construction. For homes or businesses that have basements, you may observe damp spots, water seepage, or a musty smell. If the foundation is a slab you may observe paint peeling, condensation on windows, or mold growing on walls. Our experts know what to look for when identifying these problems and offer our customers permanent solutions to their water problems. Utilizing the latest technology, we ensure that you will no longer experience chronic basement leakage.

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